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  1. I see you made the armor smaller for better fitting if i understand it right do you also have the big one prowse whas wearing?

    1. bookface


      No, I only have the slightly smaller one, not the champion bodybuilder shape one.

    2. Casey


      Ok thank you  and how much are you asking for an empire strikes back  one?

    3. bookface


      $440. You can also send me a message directly rather than posting on my profile.

  2. So who is Darth Noob? You're on my wait list but search turns up nothing...

    1. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      Darth Noob? Not me.

    2. JSmails


      It’s either DarkHelmet after a name change or Darth Niob with a misprint. 

  3. Hi Bookface, how do I place an order for a Darth Ugly ROTJ helmet & armour


    Your quick response would be most appreciated

    1. Night Hawk

      Night Hawk

      Hi Bookface, since Darth Ugly helmets are no longer made can I place an order for a Quasimodo ROTJ helmet + armour

  4. Hi can you put me down for finished ESB shoulder armour with hanging bells please?

  5. Just got my Quasimodo and it's worth every penny!  I could tell just from picking up the box that it weighed less than my ANOVOS and I wasn't disappointed.  I can barely make it 2 hours in the ANOVOS helmet before my back began to rebel.  I'm confident I can surpass that in this helmet!  I've got 2 fans on order and I need to get a GOOD helmet bag.  Any suggestions?  Anyway, kudos to bookface.  Cheers!

  6. Sent you a PM. Hope everything is ok. Have seen a thread and people are saying there have not been responses. I also sent you a PM. Hope to hear back!

  7. Interested in both a Quasi helmet and the armor for ESB


    Are deposits required?



  8. Hey sir!

    been trooping your ANH Quasi bucket and armor for a while now and it still kicks ass!! Problem is a kid jumped up and smashed down on the bucket at a troop this weekend. Broke the bolt plat off the dome. No structural damage and I should be able to unbolt and re-attach it. My question for you is what adhesive should I use and do you have any advice before I begin the repair. 


    Your stuff is tough! It survived a slam dunk!

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