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  1. 5th place this week? That’s pretty weak. 

  2. Updating my status. Getting Kylo ready for my first troop is tough. 

  3. PM question sent, thanks!

  4. I worked most all day to get my Vader setup for Monday. Just have to charge some batteries and steam the cape and I’ll be good to go. 

  5. Status update: Happy to help!

  6. Status updates are not PMs. Click on the person you want to send a message to. When their page comes up, click on send message. The icon is a letter with an arrow. That’ll send a PM. 

  7. Site is working again. Some data loss I think. Good work. 

    1. Darth Mordant

      Darth Mordant

      It’s gotta be those damned nosy Bothans again! They’re always hacking into Imperial systems.

  8. Site isn’t working very well. Just FYI. 

  9. All your parts are belong to me. 

  10. Status update was disabled by default. 

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