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  4. Good Day Sir,


    I wanted to pass on to you how much I admire what you do with your ESB Vader. I have been binge watching your videos with my son and he and I are huge fans of what you do. I myself am aspiring to join the 501st and I know that the road is a long one, but I have a feeling it will be worth it. 


    Looking forward to seeing new content from you. 


    Have a great day,



  5. Due to irreconcilable differences,I have chosen to no longer be active on these forums. If you wish to contact me,You can do so at https://www.facebook.com/andrew.guenther.94/  Look for the picture that's on my profile here and posts about The Cowboy Posse.However,Any attempts at Cyber bullying or Harassment will be blocked. NO questions asked. Any further attempts will be met with legal action.   

  6. Hi John! I'd like an ESB helmet please. 

  7. So who is Darth Noob? You're on my wait list but search turns up nothing...

    1. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      Darth Noob? Not me.

    2. JSmails


      It’s either DarkHelmet after a name change or Darth Niob with a misprint. 

  8. Hello,


    I purchased one of your awesome cape sets (ESB) in 2019.


    Now I have a little problem  and hope, you can help.


    I purchased a new ESB chest armor from Mike Warren with flush installed shoulder bells. It‘s wider than my old armor. So the custom shortened Cape is a little bit too short now with the new armor.


    Is it possible to get a new unshortened ESB cape ( only cape, without under robe) from you outside your list?

    I‘m from europe. So it’s hard for me to get a place on your lists....


    Many greetings,



    1. DarthFrazier


      Burkhard: You may want to DM Kev so that convo is offline.

  9. Looking for the most screen accurate ANH Vader helmet. 

    1. DarkLordVader


      There's a lot of options out there. I wouldn't really know which is "Most accurate" myself. Check out the Helmet forum :) Lots of info there :)

    2. JSmails


      There isn’t a more accurate helmet than Mike Warren’s ANH. 

  10. Hey guys how do you buy helmets from jarenmcl?

    1. Mindstawm


      This thread 


  11. hello, I have not heard form you about my Cod I paid for a year ago.

  12. Thank you so much for the picture of your Maul Crimson Dawn costume. Can you send me detail pictures of the costume items. I’m starting a build but yours looks great. You can email me at jrberube61@gmail.com. 

  13. Status update: Happy to help!

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