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  5. Hey, what would the shipping cost be to Sweden for 2 chains? 

  6. Not sure this is where I should post my question, but it was pointed out to me that I'm not able to view merchandise for sale on the SLD forum.  My TK/DS number is 21135.  I requested access back in 2018.  Any ideas??  Thank you!  

  7. Hello, I am interested in purchasing some gloves for my Vader ESB. The problem I have is that my hands are small for a man, it is important that they be tailored. The ones I have now were supposedly custom made, but they are big. The price seems good to me, but I need them to be truly custom-made.
    I await your response, greetings and thanks from the Canary Islands



  8. Greetings!

    I have been trained by KJB and have taken over her robe and cape making business - how will I be able to get my sets approved by the 501st?  Is that something that I do or is it done by the owner of the cape?   Thank you! 


    Cibaso Creations

  9. Hello. I am the manager of a workshop for sewing cosplay costumes. My colleague has already written to you about posting information on your forum.
    And I received permission to create a topic.

    Can I create a topic from my account?

  10. Cześć Kiedy rusza run na chest box 

  11. Cześć Kiedy rusza run na chest box 

  12. Sent message about cane, thanks

    1. VaderFanLives


      checking in, thanks

  13. Starting my journey down the Dark path....

  14. Hello, I am making a Vader ESB and I am looking for the parts of the clothes, cape, and everything else and you recommend KavVader, can you give me some information? Thank you and greetings from the Canary Islands.🙏🤞

  15. Hello, I am looking for a lightsaber for my Vader ESB (EP.5) and I see in the forum that BrotherVader is highly recommended. How can I order my lightsaber? Thank you all and best regards

  16. hi what is the waiting time for a complete Esb V3 chest at the moment

  17. How do I order/add my name to the wait list for ESB belt boxes?

  18. How does one order one of your phenomenal ESB belts?

  19. Hello, do you do custom sized Vader ESB gloves?  I have big hands.  I understand the wait time.

    1. noisetrigger




      We indeed do. All of our Vader gloves are custom fitted.


      They are 145USD + 25USD shipping for a custom fitted pair. The wait time is at least three months.


      I can send you the measuring and payment guide if you are alright with that.





    2. DarthDirge


      Yes please!

    3. DarthDirge



  20. Hi Vincent,


    Well, it’s been a while. 🙂  I still would like to buy a pair of gloves for my Vader ROTJ project. Shipping would be to Germany.

    Best regards.



    1. noisetrigger


      Hi Thorsten,


      It has indeed been a while. How are you these days?

      Hi Andre,


      There is currently at least a three month wait for the gloves Is that ok with you?




    2. Thor3001


      Hi Vincent,

      Ìve been a little bit out of the loop. Somehow I overlooked your reply to my message too. Sorry about that.

      So, here I am again looking for a nice pair of gloves. What would be the wait time at the moment? The price is still at $145 + shipping?


      Best regards



  21. Hi, I am interested in the exact arrangement of the elements on the chest box as well as the dimensions of the individual elements

  22. Hello, Papa Bear,
    thank you very much for all these advices.
    Yes of course, I will take my time.

    I have references through a validated ROTJ vader who lives near me.

    I will take pictures as my costume evolves.


    Have a good day.


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