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  5. Hey there, I would be interested in purchasing a pair of ESB Darth Vader gloves, if you are available for orders, let me know- I'll be awaiting an answer until then.


  6. Hi Vincent,


    I would like to buy a pair of gloves for my Vader ROTJ project. Shipping would be to Germany.

    I hope things have worked out with your seamstress’s shop.

    Best regards.



  7. Can I please have a set of unweathered ROTJ

  8. John,


    Ok, a little fuzzy with the forums, but I'll get there.


    I'm in for your next run of ESB (Helmet and Armor). 



    1. DarthFrazier


      Steven: JMC does not take random order requests. Due to HUGE demand, he manages a sales list which is open maybe 2 times per year. You need to read this thread and wait for him to open the list for new requests. The list tends to open and close within a short time due to the number of people here who want his stuff. So, you'll need to watch it closely. Some of us use the Tapatalk phone app that lets you follow and receive immediate alerts for every post. 


      Note: This is JMC's public message thread. It's better if you would make future posts in forums threads versus here.



    2. Abuck69


      thank you for the help.

  9. JMC, Appreciate the reply today and the link to the 501st. looking forward to new things here.


  10. The sith lord detachment affiliation does not appear in my 501st profile, please help me and thanks. SL18028 
  11. Time to check in after a long hiatus from activity due to many life happenings beyond my control, even as a Sith. Will be looking for opportunity again to due my Count. Glad I could access the forum!

  12. Hey there, I'm working on rebuilding my ANH Vader after being away for awhile and saw that you're getting a lot of your stuff from Mike O'Niel. Who is this guy and does he have a website or anything? What's his quality like? I assume most of his stuff like the shins are fiberglass or are they ABS?


    Thanks so much,


    SL1020, MWG

  13. Hi John, 


    Im interested for ESB Vader Helment and Mask. Let me know.



  14. Finally testing out and tinkering with the Zoom Multistomp setup

  15. Hey John, Ive been interested in your work for a while, hopefully all goes well!

  16. Hi, I’m new

  17. Hi. my name is Miguelangel Cerda, I belong to the Chile outpost, my costume validated by the Legion501 Is Darth VAder ESB. Best Regards

    DV ESB.jpg

  18. 5th place this week? That’s pretty weak. 

  19. Updating my status. Getting Kylo ready for my first troop is tough. 

  20. Just wanted to re-establish my presence in the detachment. I've been away for some time due to helping my spouse get another degree and then the pandemic set in. But now both of us have expressed a desire to get back into trooping. It's good to see the Empire still stands!

  21. I am asking the admins to delete this account. I have no more need of it. Since I'm no longer active.

  22. Can't seem to post photos on profile or in discussion.  


    edit:    Figured it out.   

  23. I'm not going to hold any more grudges. I tried to make peace with an individual on here But He doesn't want to listen. That's fine. No I don't intend to come back on here and start asking for pics. I know I don't belong here. I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I caused any trouble.

  24. “…you must do what you feel is right, of course…”

  25. PM question sent, thanks!

  26. Well... I´m back to my first Star Wars suit. It´s been years and took me a long time to get one done as good as this one. Credits go to the always awesome Michael Rivera as he is responsible for putting this amazing R1 Darth Vader suit for me. I was accepted back in the Sith Lord ranks today with it and I couldn´t be happier.

    I need help fixing the lightsaber as it seems to have developed a short circuit on the battery module but hopefully that´ll get fixed in the next few months.

    Cheers and hope to stay a long time this time.



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