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Who is in charge here?

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The Detachment's Officers (also known as staff, admin, or moderators) are listed by forum name in the header section of the Welcome forum. Once registered, please click a user name to view each member's profile if you wish to contact them via Personal Message (PM). You can also reach the staff by emailing staff@501stsithlords.com.

As outlined by the Legion Charter and the Survival guides, the following describes each Officer's role within the Sith Lord Detachment.

Detachment Leader (DL): The DL is elected by the Detachment membership. The DL is the chief administrator of the Detachment and is responsible for the operations of the Detachment and managing research and information about costume creation and construction. The DL also appoints any necessary Detachment officers and staff. DLs are supervised and represented on the Council by the LMO. A DL has the following responsibilities:

  • Verify membership status in the Legion with the approved costume, and grant the appropriate access for active Legion members in good standing to detachments areas.
  • Monitor and moderate the Detachment forums, appointing additional moderators as needed.
  • Ensure that the Detachment Web site is properly maintained and the content therein is accurate and up to date.
  • Participate on the Legion forums and advise other DLs and GMLs as needed.
  • Maintain contact with the LMO and report any issue or controversy related to costuming.

Executive Officer (XO): The role of the Executive Officer within the Detachment is varied and dependant on the Detachment Leader. General duties which may be required of a Detachment Executive officer may include by are not limited to:

  • Directing Detachment merchandising runs in the absence of another appointed member by the DL.
  • Acting on behalf of the Detachment Leader.
  • Various other duties as assigned.

Detachment WebMaster (DWM): The role of the Web Master within the Detachment is creating, maintaining, and designing all aspects of the Detachment's web presence including but not limited to Web Site creation and maintenance/Forums/Signature bars and banners/hooks and plug-in installations for the Detachment Forums. Graphic Design.

Detachment Merchandise and Branding Officer (DMBO): The role of the Merch Officer within the Detachment is organizing and directing Detachment Merchandise procurement and creation.

Detachment Public Relations Officer (DPRO): The role of the PR Officer is to assist the DL in promoting the Detachment to the public and also may be called upon by the Legion PRO to assist in the public promotion of the Legion.

Detachment Captain of the Guard (DCotG): The role of the Captain of the Guard is to act on behalf of the Detachment Leadership to moderate the forums and settle disputes within the Detachment.

Other officers or moderators are appointed as needed.

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