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Where can I get a completed costume and/or components?

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Unfortunately, there is no "one stop shop" for any of these costumes. So here are some general tips when researching:

-Many of the officially licensed complete costumes (especially prior to 2015) are not even approved into the Legion because they are not meant to be very accurate: they are meant to be an elaborate Halloween type costume for the average fan and not for a member of LFL's preferred Imperial Costuming Club; moreover, more recent officially licensed costumes (ex. like those from ANOVOS) may also still require alterations before the costume can be approved - when in doubt, register and read up on the licensed costume or inquire about it PRIOR to purchasing!
-You should be wary of sites that advertise costumes in standard sizes (non-tailored) - these costumes require many of the components to be fitted and built for you to some degree, something you cannot get from a generically sized costume.
-Just because someone advertises something as "501st approved" does make it so. Something can only be "501st approved" if your local Membership Liaison says it is approved after assessing that it is up to the current standards and fits correctly on YOU.
-Make sure to compare it to the CRL or other recent costumers components.
-When in doubt about something, post a question on here and ask for input.

You will find a lot of information about where to obtain various components for the costumes once you start reading the forum, especially the Work-in-Progress (WIP) sections of the forum for each costume.


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