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Who approves my costume for 501st membership?

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Your Sith Lord or Dark Side costume with not be evaluated for 501st membership by this Detachment or its Staff. This community is just a means to get your costume ready for approval.


Costume approval is done at your local level by your Garrison or Outpost Membership Liaison (or other designated officer). Once your costume is ready to be approved, you will need to fill out the online Membership Application. Your local Membership Liaison will be notified, and will contact you for pictures of your costume.


You can also reach out to them proactively to provide pictures (if you have not already joined your local unit's forum and started participating with them - this is generally encouraged while you are building your costume).



For more information regarding your local unit and how to find it, see: How do I find my local unit (Garrison/Outpost)?


For more information regarding the approval process, see: Submitting your costume to your local unit for 501st Membership

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