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How do I find my local unit (Garrison/Outpost)?

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Please remember that any Detachment in the 501st Legion acts purely as a resource for its assigned costumes and is not actually part of the official command structure as our outreach and membership is worldwide.


In order to join the Legion, you must join your local unit (Garrison or Outpost) since these units are based on geography; as such this unit is comprised of the members of the Legion you will likely be costuming with on a regular basis.


Want to know how to find your local unit and who to get in contact with? Locate your Unit.


You are strongly encouraged to also sign up on your unit's forums to introduce yourself and get to know them while you are building your costume. This way you can become familiar with how they organize events as well as get a feel for what it is like to costume at a 501st event - you do not want your first time suiting up to be the very first event you have ever attended, much less without knowing any of your other Garrison/Outpost mates beforehand. It makes your approval and membership to the unit a lot easier and more enjoyable. :y:




For more information regarding the approval process, see: Submitting your costume to your local unit for 501st Membership


See also: Who approves my costume for 501st membership?

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