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Submitting your costume to your local unit for 501st Membership

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The Legion has put together this page on the main site to detail what is required of you in order to have your costume approved: Approval Guideline

The key things to remember when taking photos for your Membership Liaison to review that could speed up the assessment time of your costume:

  • include at least the 5 basic full length photos (front, back, each side, and helmet/makeup off)
  • if you know the details are going to be harder to see in the full length photos, take close up photos of the details
  • make sure your photos are high resolution (so the details can be seen) and that you are in a well lit environment --- dark pictures do not do anyone any good
  • take your time when suiting up and make sure everything is placed correctly and in the right order - do not rush with the photos or you may find yourself suiting up again to retake pictures
  • it is best to try to have someone help you take pictures and suit up to ensure all of the above

For more information regarding your local unit and how to find it, see: How do I find my local unit (Garrison/Outpost)?

See also: Who approves my costume for 501st membership?

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