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My SLD costume just got approved, now what?

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If you just received your Legion ID (in our case: SL-ID or DS-ID) in your letter of approval, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :salute: :salute:

Please ensure that your profile field on this forum is completely filled out (Garrison, Legion ID, approved costume, link to your 501st profile) and request Detachment member access in this thread: Detachment Member Access.

You can also request an add to the Detachment Roster in your 501st profile on the main 501st forums: www.501st.com/forum. To do this, first make sure that you have registered on the main 501st forums. Once you have logged on, look at the menu to the left side of the screen: select "Membership DB" and then select "YOUR PROFILE DATA" and then look for the edit buttons in your profile. Add yourself to the membership roster of the Sith Lord Detachment****; the Detachment Leader will then approve it later. This will be done automatically for you by the Detachment Leader after you request Detachment member access on this forum if you have not done so.
If you have a Legends (formerly Expanded Universe) or an animated/comic/video game Canon Sith Lord or Dark Side costume, you are still granted additional access on this forum. You can request access here: Flagship Eclipse Member Access; however, please be aware that you are officially a Detachment Member of The Flagship Eclipse. :y:

****You must be a member on this forum and remain active (log in at least once per year) in order to remain on the official Detachment Roster in the 501st Legion Database which allows you to vote in elections, and remain in the Detachment Member group on this forum.

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