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I bought an approved costume from a 501st member, why is it not automatically approved?

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Approval of a costume into the 501st Legion is essentially broken up into two aspects: the accuracy of each individual costume component & how well each component (i.e. the costume as a whole) fits on the individual.


The following are the two main reasons regarding why buying a 501st approved costume does not necessarily mean it will be approved as-is for you:


1) the costume standards may have changed since the costume was first approved on the original owner


2) depending on the costume, if you are not the exact height, weight, and build of the original owner, the costume will not fit you in the same manner


There is nothing wrong with buying a previously approved costume - yes, sometimes they can be approved as-is with no modifications, but this should not be expected nor be considered the norm. A majority of the time at least a few things always need to be fixed, modified, adjusted, or replaced either due to costume standards or general fit of the costume on its new owner.


This is just something that we wish to make you understand and consider when buying such a costume, and not be caught by surprise when you submit it for approval.

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