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I ordered something and it never arrived, what can you do?

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The Detachment, as an official unit of the 501st Legion is powerless to help you if you order something from a vendor either inside or outside the Legion/Garrison or Detachment.

The Legion Charter says:

The Legion does not endorse or manage the creation or sale of props, costumes, costume parts, or materials by anyone for sale to others. The Legion will not intervene in private sales or transactions of non-Legion merchandise or products. Legion rules do not extend to any disputes related to these matters.


Although most vendors are reliable there are a few who are not, and have a bad reputation for poor customer service, non delivery of items or in some cases recasting another person's work.


It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you do your homework. Ask other members if they have had a consistently good experience with a particular vendor ESPECIALLY if the person selling is located on E-Bay or other sites. Remember, it's your job to make sure that the vendor is honest and has integrity and is selling something what you would be proud to own. The 501st Leadership is powerless to help you if you fall prey to an unscrupulous vendor. Also remember that even some LucasFilm licensed costumes aren't necessarily approveable for membership. The reason is that they were created for the general public and may not fall in line with the high standards of the 501st Legion. The best thing you can do is research a costume extensively from the ground up (on a forum such as this one) before ordering various parts and components.

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