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  1. New path to follow in life and its a great one.

  2. Nothing new to update on my costume... no $$$$ sucks lol

  3. Purchased: Helmet (Quasimodo) & Armor - CSMacLaren on FB Cape and Surcoat - Kev Vader, pm sent One-piece Suit - Fenix props Gloves -http://www.ebay.com/...m6KQpiXFnuaqR2g Shins - Portumac Prop Studios, Fiberglass $180.00 Chest Box - Portumac Prop Studios, Resin chest box $280.00 Saber - FX Saber for pretty, WTB Ultrasaber Hilt w/o blade. Codpiece - Artisan Props (AP) Contact in April for order list Belt, Buckle, Belt Boxes, Saber Hook Set- Portumac Prop Studios,...

  4. BOOTS IN hose so excited :)

  5. Looking for advice on building a vader costume!!! HELP PLZ!

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