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  1. John,


    Ok, a little fuzzy with the forums, but I'll get there.


    I'm in for your next run of ESB (Helmet and Armor). 



    1. DarthFrazier


      Steven: JMC does not take random order requests. Due to HUGE demand, he manages a sales list which is open maybe 2 times per year. You need to read this thread and wait for him to open the list for new requests. The list tends to open and close within a short time due to the number of people here who want his stuff. So, you'll need to watch it closely. Some of us use the Tapatalk phone app that lets you follow and receive immediate alerts for every post. 


      Note: This is JMC's public message thread. It's better if you would make future posts in forums threads versus here.



    2. Abuck69


      thank you for the help.

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