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  1. Hey John, Ive been interested in your work for a while, hopefully all goes well!

  2. Hi John! I'd like an ESB helmet please. 

  3. Hey guys how do you buy helmets from jarenmcl?

    1. Mindstawm


      This thread 


  4. Hello. Do you make ANH helmets? Your ESB/ROTJ helmets are superb. Thanks.

    1. Studio 49

      Studio 49

      Hey mate I see you're using the 'Write a Public Message on user feed" quite a bit :)

      While there's nothing wrong with that you would more likely to get replies if you just sent people PM's using the Personal Messenger here on the forums since more often than not people prefer to keep transactions and negations on purchases private hence using PM's. Just thought I'd mention that in case you were worried that people weren't replying to the messages you've been leaving on their profiles :y:

    2. DarthViticus


      Ha yes - I am part of several forums and this one is a little different on how to communicate with others :) I do see the "Message" which I assume is the PM so will definitely us that for price communication and more personal convos. I am very happy with the support that I have been given here and very much enjoy meeting others and sharing like interests. Thanks again.

    3. Studio 49

      Studio 49

      Not a problem mate, happy to help :y:

      And yeah the forums are a tad different since we upgraded not too long ago so no stress at all 

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