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  4. Sorry to bug you - but is it possible to change my name to nictheguy (minus the k) so it matches my 501st login? Thanks so much.


  5. Hey man check your pm...

  6. Interested in the storage bags.  You still making them?

  7. Do you still have the slowed breathing loop available?

  8. Anyone need any sewing done?


  9. Esb set please 

  10. Still available for any sewing needed.  


  11. Cool. I went with the 2 piece from CP as well, I'm waiting for my measurements instructions from him. I purchased the heavy wool set from Kelly Jo, I'm sure heavy wool is the way to go. Happy New year!

  12. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY FELLOW SITH DETATCHMENT MEMBERS.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5e3a.thumb.jpg.cccfd4559acee6804fc777e812613bf3.jpg

  13. Hello and hope to get your feedback if possible. I am working on the Emperor and so far I have the mask. I want to buy the came and found these 2 online. Which one you like better? I think #2.

  14. Pulled the belt out from cold storage. Reworking the boxes as we speak. I need a new Red LED... cuz, the references from 12 years ago were apparently wrong. (?) Still waiting for that phone call...

  15. Just got my Quasimodo and it's worth every penny!  I could tell just from picking up the box that it weighed less than my ANOVOS and I wasn't disappointed.  I can barely make it 2 hours in the ANOVOS helmet before my back began to rebel.  I'm confident I can surpass that in this helmet!  I've got 2 fans on order and I need to get a GOOD helmet bag.  Any suggestions?  Anyway, kudos to bookface.  Cheers!

  16. I wrote a comment on something where I've gotten 6 replies and I don't know how to view them. Someone have time to tell me what I need to push I'd appreciate it. I wish this was going to be my biggest obstacle.Ha

  17. I've got a Portumac ESB Helmet. Might be a problem because it has a neck brace on it . Looks nice though, I haven't figured out how to post a pic yet. I have upper armor that's fiberglass. Other than that all I can say is that it's raw , needs painted. I've had it for some time now. Got it from ebay. Couldn't tell you who made it. I've also got the chest box from Portumac (ESB.) I haven't got much more than an FX lightsaber. I was browsing around earlier and saw how little of the Rubies was usable. I've got that too but we won't talk about that. Ha ! I have an older Don Posts fiberglass helmet. I think it's 822. On the underside of the dome I had to use a pic pipe where the old ring had crumbled off. The helmet itself doesn't appear to have a scratch. I have pics but they 'll have to wait until someone educates me on how to post them or maybe I'll figure it out. I've also got boots. It may be some time before I am able to get whatever comes next but I'll check from time to time to see what's going on here. I also left an email address on my information so you can get a hold of me . I'll try not to be so long before I come back to the site though. 

  18. Need ESB Vader cod.Thanks.

  19. Probably out of retirement... though there is a return phone call I'm waiting for to kick start this up again.

    1. Arcturus1020


      Do it!!! Do it now!!!!!!!

  20. I am interested in your Anovos Kylo helmet if you still have it.  thanks.

  21. Do will do detachment trading cards??

  22. Hi. Possible to message you on Facebook messenger ? Have questions about Kylo costume. 

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