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  1. Hi can you put me down for finished ESB shoulder armour with hanging bells please?

  2. Just got my Quasimodo and it's worth every penny!  I could tell just from picking up the box that it weighed less than my ANOVOS and I wasn't disappointed.  I can barely make it 2 hours in the ANOVOS helmet before my back began to rebel.  I'm confident I can surpass that in this helmet!  I've got 2 fans on order and I need to get a GOOD helmet bag.  Any suggestions?  Anyway, kudos to bookface.  Cheers!

  3. Interested in both a Quasi helmet and the armor for ESB


    Are deposits required?



  4. Hey sir!

    been trooping your ANH Quasi bucket and armor for a while now and it still kicks ass!! Problem is a kid jumped up and smashed down on the bucket at a troop this weekend. Broke the bolt plat off the dome. No structural damage and I should be able to unbolt and re-attach it. My question for you is what adhesive should I use and do you have any advice before I begin the repair. 


    Your stuff is tough! It survived a slam dunk!