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  1. must...have...patience!

  2. Have all my parts, time to fit!

  3. Almost done, I can taste the victory!

  4. Doctor cleared me- ready to troop as soon as I finish!

  5. Chest box is the last item to order!

  6. Recovering well, buidling strength and ready to attack Vader again!

  7. London didn't turn out so well for me...had a bicycle accident my first day. Broke both elbows, collar bone and shoulder blade. Vader will have to wait :(

    1. Vader2B


      Oh dear! Hope you recover soon.

    2. dday


      Holy crap, thats a major accident! If someone else was at fault for it, I would make sure they pay big time!


  8. Off to London for a week! Cheers!

  9. Getting closer...

  10. More parts on their way!

  11. Boots round 2! On their way...

  12. ROTJ Vader status: Chippewa's to arrive any day. Then measuring for purchased CP robes and 3 piece leather suit. Helmet order to come soon...

    1. Tarnhelmet


      Chippewa order canceled...back to the search...