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  5. Did you sell that Maul

  6. Sorry i’ve been absent most of the last year and a half.  

  7. My Master Replica light saber arrives today!  <much-excite!!>

  8. just finished my 2019

    Profile still says l am pending for sith detachment


    Thanks !!

  9. Almost there on me Rig

  10. Status updates are not PMs. Click on the person you want to send a message to. When their page comes up, click on send message. The icon is a letter with an arrow. That’ll send a PM. 

  11. Hi can you put me down for finished ESB shoulder armour with hanging bells please?

  12. Hello Dark-Side,


    I was wondering if you make metal ROTS belt buckles currently?  I saw a member post a picture of one, and am interested in purchasing one.  If you could please contact me with all the details, it would be greatly appreciated.


    Thank you,


  13. Site is working again. Some data loss I think. Good work. 

    1. Darth Mordant

      Darth Mordant

      It’s gotta be those damned nosy Bothans again! They’re always hacking into Imperial systems.

  14. Site isn’t working very well. Just FYI. 

  15. All your parts are belong to me. 

  16. Status update was disabled by default. 

  17. This is a great hobby.

  18. Hi guys, look for Joost Dirkx on fb or dutchdarthvader on ig. Or follow Dutch Garrison. 


  19. hi!! i have been trying to enter in endor finders to buy the coin, but i couldn't .. can you help me?

    1. brunop


      i have a login at endor finders...

  20. hello could one of the web gurus change my ID to SL19140 just got approved. thank you

  21. Requested SL-19140 access how can i confirm i have detachment forums access looking for the coin run lol

  22. Sorry to bug you - but is it possible to change my name to nictheguy (minus the k) so it matches my 501st login? Thanks so much.


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