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  1. I’ve decided I’m going to start saving for a Darth Ugly. Might take a while, but it should be one of the main pieces I need to buy.

  2. Probably going to stop working on my Vader for a while. Need to finish up my pilot's license and school is giving me a mental breakdown. 


    What I might do on my downtime:

    - properly smooth my dome and give it the indentation, repaint and apply correct clear coat.

    - Save on parts. 

    - Reconstruct Shins, hopefully start before the end of the year.

    1. h2o.demon


      Sorry to hear about school--I know the feeling though. Good luck!


      What do you mean by "Reconstruct Shins"? Sounds interesting? What skins do you have?

    2. ofimes2671


      My original shins are completely shattered due to improper construction and this dummy didn’t know how to scale objects in Pepakura.


      i have to rebuild mine completely, I used the PEP file from like... firefek? He has a thread with all his PEP files on the RPF.