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  1. I am interested in the ANH gloves. I have a set of Porty AHN gloves that I will re-sell.

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    2. DarthViticus


      That sounds really great. And by handlers you mean people that can help me get into costume correct? I would love to bring my Vader to see if it is on the right track to be approved. The only issue I am having is my codpiece - its not correct. Do you know if this is all outside or will you be able to be inside - as you know this costume is hot. Thanks.

    3. DS-23710


      Yes so handlers help us suit up, take photos, crowd control, etc. Since this is a 501st event you won't be able to suit up for it since you are not approved yet and with face characters (Vader, Kylo, Boba Fett, etc.) there's only 1 allowed per event.  I'm assuming the event is outside.  I haven't been to this ballpark yet.  I just installed more fans in my helmet last night to help keep cool.


      Have you been to any squad events at all yet or spoken to anyone?  I'd recommend joining the FB page for North Texas Squad.  We do armor parties regularly and that's where people get help with costume builds and things like that.  I can also help you since my Vader is approved.  What cod do you have?  I'm leaving here around 2-2:30pm so here is my cell: 626-806-3953.



    4. DarthViticus


      The $100 sounds great. My cell is 972-743-8004. We are heading out for vacation this week, so I was told by my better half that we have a lot to do tonight BUT - we can meet you at the IKEA parking lot before 4pm and I will have the $100 - given the gloves fit. That parking lot is immediately adjacent to the ball parks parking lot - you can see the ballfield from IKEA. That way we can meet outside the ballparks parking lot incase you have to pay to get in.


      two things...

      1. Cod piece - I asked to be on the AP list - but I do not see my name/ I sent PM but no word. I also researched CP and FP. I'm leaning toward CP but looks like FP may be less since he has a make offer on ebay button


      2. Helmet /Armor- I have an eFX ANH PCR helmet + Korbanth prowse sized armor. But I found on eBay an ANH anarchydesign helmet + scaled armor - thoughts? I can sell my Korbanth armor as it does not fit correctly. I'm 6'6" but not prowse sized.


      BTW - I am a member of the Recruit FB group page of the Star Garrison.



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