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  1. Thanks for all your likes! Is this a blast or what?

    1. TDurden


      I'm having a ball. I really like to see everyone's troops--especially the charity and hospital visits!

    2. DarthFrazier


      I'm doing the local Children's Hospital in two weeks. It's so humbling. My wife said, "Aren't you glad you wear a mask so they don't see any tears?"

  2. Finally approved. Let's troop!

  3. I am so close to approval I can smell the darkness

  4. I want my new FP leathers with mildew to be replaced.

  5. I want my new FP leathers shipped with mildew to be replaced.

  6. I want my new FP leathers shipped with mildew replaced.

  7. I want my the FP leathers shipped with mildew replaced.

  8. I want the new mildewed FP leathers replaced.

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