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  1. Good evening from Los Angeles!   I have an ESB Vader costume that I just got up and running (still tweaking the voice to get it perfect--using your amplifier board and transducers with the ZOOM) and my application has been submitted to the 501st.  What brand/type/size of wheeled tote are you using for your troops?

  2. Good evening, Jake!  My name is Eric Priessman and I was the one who just grabbed your attention about my Zoom pedal issues at the end of your live stream tonight.  I'm currently waiting on a final piece for my ESB Anovos Vader costume before I submit photos.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, btw.  I had always wanted a good Vader costume, but never got around to it.  I saw your video on getting suited up in your costume and said "Screw it!" , I'm buying one! 


    Anyway, my issue is this - I purchased the Zoom pedal and associated gear from your video.  I'm using an iPod shuffle for the breathing loop.  The whole system will only play either the voice through the Zoom or the breathing through the iPod.  It won't play both at the same time.  If I'm speaking through the mic and try to play the breathing, the breathing will cut the voice off completely.  And I don't mean intermittently.  The voice won't come back unless I disconnect the iPod. I have the iPod attached the way you have it in the video.  Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.  

  3. Hi DarthSloan,


    I tried to PM a question to you, but there is a bunch of gibberish in the dialogue box which also prevents me from typing a message.  Anyway...what type of boots would you recommend for the DV ESB costume?

  4. Life liberty and the pursuit of a great Vader costume...