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  1. SWCA just brought me to MARAUDER Status...how sweet it is!

  2. Proud to be among the ranks of Sith Warriors!

  3. Sith Initiate down, Look out Sith Warrior here I come!

  4. Happy New Year to all my Sith Lord brothers and sisters!

  5. Great Halloween Event! Fun was had by all!

  6. Puppetry Arts Halloween Carnival tomorrow!

  7. We raised over 1000 dollars for Make A Wish Foundation at NYCC! Woo Hoo!

  8. NYCC and Blast A Trooper was awesome! Came home to my ACE REPLICAS chestbox in the mail! YEAAAHH!

  9. Shoot a Trooper today at NYCC for Make A Wish Foundation! PSYCHED!

  10. My upgrades are nearly complete, I just snagged my CnC'd chestbox from ACE REPLICAS. Happy Day!

  11. SW Reads Day another Great Success! Next Stop NYCC

  12. Star Wars Reads Event today....Looking forward to the fun!

  13. Star Wars Reads Event today....Looking forward to the fun!

  14. Troop 2, done! Now gearing up for Troop 3 this weekend

  15. Gearing up for Troop #2 this weekend, should be a blast!

    1. Bannon9k


      Cool! Doing anything fun? I've got a star wars costume fan day locally this weekend. I get to do a jedi academy and let kids beat me with foam sabers =P


    2. Darth Ferrara

      Darth Ferrara

      some library events and a festival after that...ti has been great!