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  1. MR ESB Lightsaber converted! HURRAH :-)

  2. Please could some ROTS Vaders point me in the right direction in terms of belt boxes? Thank you.

  3. New belt buckle :)

  4. Fenix Props ROTS cod piece ordered! ;-)

  5. ROTS shin guards have arrived. Just posted photos in my WIP. Feedback please.

  6. Calling all ROTS Vaders. Can you re-confirm whether the Fenix Props Cod piece is correct or not. Thank you.

  7. ROTS armour arrived today! Calling ROTS Vaders please check my WIP. Thank you

  8. Calling ROTS Vaders. Please check out my latest progress on my WIP thread. Happy to take any advice. Thank you.

  9. WIP updated! Feedback asap thank you.

  10. New lightsaber coming soon...

  11. Stormtroopers coming back in Episode VII. How did the Empire survive without Vader and the Emperor in the last 30 years after Episode VI?

  12. The Millennium Falcon is being constructed at Pinewood Studios!

  13. Calling ROTS experts! Is the ACE Belt buckle more accurate than the Rubies one?

  14. Pinewood Studios should one day do a Star Wars Studio Tour and show the Millennium Falcon!

  15. The Millennium Falcon will be flying again in Episode VII! :-)

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