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  1. Hello! I saw your post about seeing RotJ cape material on the Sith Training Temple. But they are not allowing folk to register just now. Did you find out the weight of the cloth? I might make my own capeset!

  2. Put your hands in the air like you don't care....

  3. Chicago Cubs game tonight as Vader! Woohoo!

  4. BUSY summer this year, but I'm finally able to troop a little bit and then off to Toronto for FanExpo!!! Whoop!!!!

  5. Fall allergies and helmets do NOT go well together.

    1. Bannon9k


      How much cleaning did the inside of your mask need? =P


    2. Darth Stone

      Darth Stone

      It's still summer here for another two weeks or so. But I don't look forward to the time of year either.

    3. Arcturus1020


      @Bannon9K: None yet (thankfully)—it's just been a horrible season so far trying to stifle sneezes while in costume at the Cougars game was /great/ fun. lol


  6. I'm looking for an SLD v1.2 patch! Anyone?

  7. Big photo shoot tomorrow! I'm excited!

  8. Happy New Year everyone!

  9. Just painted my nose silver from gunmetal grey, and it looks so much better!

  10. The TRADING CARD sign up thread is now up.

  11. Have a Happy New Year everyone!

  12. has just finished painting his new Vader faceplate.

    1. Darth_Knight1


      is striking people down with all of his hatred in the hopes that his journey toward the Dark Side will finally be complete, lol.

    2. Darth_Knight1


      is wondering why, once that kid named Luke SKYWALKER blew up the Death Star, he didn't put two and two together. He thinks to himself, while stroking the chin/beard/grill area of his helmet, "Hmmm...Skywalker, huh? That name sounds familiar. Very, very familiar..."

  13. wonders why more Sith Lords here don't post their event reports in Troop Debriefings.

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