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  1. Going to my doctor's office not looking forward to my reports there has been a situation that I was not made aware of until later some other time so I'm going to get my results right now I need you all to send some prayers I will ever believe system you have I am an Odinist however I respect everybody else's beliefs

    1. VaderFanLives


      Sorry to hear; we all wish you well

  2. Hello I'm asking this question and concern because I don't know if there is a time line of when I should have my costume It's going to be a little minute I'm between jobs right now and stuff and this is going to be a little bit before I can get my full fledged custom please bear with me

    1. DarthFrazier


      Daniel/Daniele: There is no timeline for building a costume. Garrison Membership Liaisons (GMLs) review costumes all year long. We have members who take years to build. This forum is here for us to help you. Also, make sure you post on live threads. You posted this in your own "about me" page which will not get a lot of traffic.  


      You did introduce yourself, but you kind of rambled a bit as if we already know you. We'd like to know exactly why you are here. What you hope to build, level of accuracy, budget and timelines. Looks like you are building Vader ROTS, so I'll go post this over on your intro thread along with my usual "are you sure you are ready?" message. Welcome.

  3. Today's status update is I am one year older LOL as of 1948 hours

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