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  1. Pulled the belt out from cold storage. Reworking the boxes as we speak. I need a new Red LED... cuz, the references from 12 years ago were apparently wrong. (?) Still waiting for that phone call...

  2. Probably out of retirement... though there is a return phone call I'm waiting for to kick start this up again.

    1. Arcturus1020


      Do it!!! Do it now!!!!!!!

  3. Old Republic Sith Holocron is almost complete... at least the master pattern is!

  4. I may try for ESB Vader again. Two years since the lightsaber-in-the-back incident, but I'm not convinced I should come out of retirement.

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    2. Darth Alaricus

      Darth Alaricus

      Lightsaber in the back incident?

    3. Darth_Krug


      Long painful story.


    4. Darth Alaricus

      Darth Alaricus

      Sheesh, makes me wonder. Guess that is what a spotter is for...to prevent such incidents. Glad you are ok.


  5. is selling off the rest of his Vader Costumes.

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    2. Darth Phaeton

      Darth Phaeton

      What do you have up for sale?

    3. Darth_Krug


      One item left, ESB ABS shin guards, but I have two buyers fighting for them. I should have them sold before the end of today.

    4. Darth_Krug


      ...scratch that... they just sold!

  6. is working on the Old Republic Sith Holocron.

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