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  1. Just checking in on my Kylo Ren helmet and wanted to know if you or if you know someone that makes a 501st approved ROTJ cod piece.

    1. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      This isn’t a recast of Kylo Ren’s helmet correct?

  2. Are you still interested in the gloves?

  3. Was this yours? I have a guy from Sweden with the same pictures and what appears to be the same helmet and armor. He is selling to me. Here is the link https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/fs-darth-vader-rotj-helmet-and-chest-armour-made-by-darth-stone.328637/


    Please let me know!



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    2. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      That's what I am hoping for. Thanks

    3. Tarnhelmet


      Did you get it? How's it looking?

    4. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      Yes. It is in great shape.

  4. I am interested

  5. If you still have and are think of selling your ROTJ, I would be interested in the helmet and chest armor.

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