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    I joined the 501st back when there was only a website hosted on Geocities.com. Detention Block. I entered into the group with Stormtrooper armor and was active until 2005 when I sold my armor to help fund the cost of getting married. I started out alone in Western Pennsylvania, and then was a part of the 501st Eastern Squad, that then became Garrison Carida. For a short time I was part of the New England Garrison and when I sold my armor and went inactive I was, and still am, living in the Carolina Garrison region. Selling my armor to help with wedding costs was totally worth it, but for years I've wanted a Vader. I was always the Stormtrooper with too much black showing between the armor parts, always the Stormtrooper making (many, not all) Vaders look short around me and myself too tall. I'd like to be an active member of the 501st once again, but as a SL not a TK. I actually have a 3 digit number it's been so long since I first joined. :)

    I'd post my TK number here but I see we aren't supposed to unless we are Approved,Registered and Active? Or do you just need to be one of those 3 things?

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  1. Looking for the most screen accurate ANH Vader helmet. 

    1. DarkLordVader


      There's a lot of options out there. I wouldn't really know which is "Most accurate" myself. Check out the Helmet forum :) Lots of info there :)

    2. JSmails


      There isn’t a more accurate helmet than Mike Warren’s ANH. 

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