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    Hi Bookface, how do I place an order for a Darth Ugly ROTJ helmet & armour Your quick response would be most appreciated
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    Thank You, I'll try to set that up tomorrow. Gonna be tied up this evening with Christmas programs..........Vulpes
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    hello could one of the web gurus change my ID to SL19140 just got approved. thank you
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    Pulled the belt out from cold storage. Reworking the boxes as we speak. I need a new Red LED... cuz, the references from 12 years ago were apparently wrong. (?) Still waiting for that phone call...
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    Probably out of retirement... though there is a return phone call I'm waiting for to kick start this up again.
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    Hi Jeff I would like to tell you, if you can give me a light flake, I'm Javier Sanchez GML Spanish Garrison. I have a problem with a cod piece of Vader. When I entered the 501 as Vader my cod piece was not approved, now in the forum of GML in the headquarters they tell me not to approve a suit for the same reason. I request help and support to inform my garrison that this piece should not be purchased. Is this possible? Thank you. https://www.flickr.com/photos/154450994@N07/25465626017/ This is google translator I hope you can understand. Javier GML Spanish Garrison
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    Nice used shins ;-) I know where they come from :-)
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    APPROVED 8/28/17! I am excited to announce that my application and pic submissions were approved for Sith Lord. My ID is SL 76227 Thanks all for the help and guidance through the process.
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    Thanks for all your likes! Is this a blast or what?
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    Hey buddy, I have ordered 5 Kylo patches today! thanks in advance
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