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    The term CRL is an acronym for "Costume Reference Library." The costume reference library is the library of standards or requirements for each costume in the 501st Legion. The standards are written by the Detachment, approved by the Detachment Leader, then sent to the LMO (Legion Membership Officer) for final approval (in some cases to the Legion Command/Council for ratification). Images are collected directly from Detachment members whose costumes exemplify the CRL requirements and are posted with the standards to demonstrate what the costume should look like. (Note: we do this because we are not authorized to use LucasFilm (LFL) images in the CRL) Every completed CRL will appear on the main web site of the 501st legion: Organized by Detachment Affiliation Organized by Costume Type and Name The Sith Lord Detachment covers the Film-Canon Sith Lords and Dark Side users; currently, there are 16 costumes covered under the SLD that can be approved. Here is the link to our section of the CRL. List of costumes covered by the SLD: Darth Vader (Armored): ROTS / ANH / ESB / ROTJ Darth Vader (Pre-Armor): ROTS Darth Maul: TPM / Black Sun Darth Tyranus: AOTC / ROTS / TCW(sleepwear) Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine: Pre-scarring(TPM/AOTC) / Black Sith Robes(ROTS/ESB/ROTJ) / Brown Battle Robes(ROTS) / Red Senate Robes(ROTS) Kylo Ren: TFA / Starkiller Base TPM=The Phantom Menace AOTC=Attack of the Clones ROTS=Revenge of the Sith ANH=A New Hope ESB=The Empire Strikes Back ROTJ=Return of the Jedi TFA=The Force Awakens) Advanced Standards: Occasionally some Detachments will create their own advanced standards which are a little bit higher than the Legion as a whole. These standards are NOT required for membership; however, they do give the members, who WANT to upgrade their costumes, a specific set of guidelines to help them achieve their goals. Often times these people are called "elite costumers;" this is a misnomer. It is simply that they wanted to upgrade their costumes to a level that they are comfortable with. The 501st Legion Command has stated that it does not want the term elite used for costumers who use the expanded Reference Libraries. However, the terms "artisan class" or Master Class and other terms have been approved. The Sith Lord Detachment does have two sets of advanced standards (Dark Lord and Emperor Status) which can be found once joining our community (as stated in the CRL).
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