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  3. When usually are SL patches up for sale? Id love to put one on my 501st jacket :)

  4. Hi! I am going to be getting Darth Maul put together and it looks like everyone on here thinks you are tops!  


    I saw your robe and it is awesome!  Do you also do the rest of the costume, like the combat suit parts?


    Just wondering.  Thought I would check with you first before pulling the trigger on Krops.  

  5. Thank you for liking my thread on Dooku! Appreciate the support

    1. TDurden


      I like seeing the different events. You look great--keep posting!

    2. dookumart


      Will do. This coming week is a loadful. :)

  6. Good evening, Jake!  My name is Eric Priessman and I was the one who just grabbed your attention about my Zoom pedal issues at the end of your live stream tonight.  I'm currently waiting on a final piece for my ESB Anovos Vader costume before I submit photos.  Thanks for taking the time to read this, btw.  I had always wanted a good Vader costume, but never got around to it.  I saw your video on getting suited up in your costume and said "Screw it!" , I'm buying one! 


    Anyway, my issue is this - I purchased the Zoom pedal and associated gear from your video.  I'm using an iPod shuffle for the breathing loop.  The whole system will only play either the voice through the Zoom or the breathing through the iPod.  It won't play both at the same time.  If I'm speaking through the mic and try to play the breathing, the breathing will cut the voice off completely.  And I don't mean intermittently.  The voice won't come back unless I disconnect the iPod. I have the iPod attached the way you have it in the video.  Any thoughts would be very much appreciated.  

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  8. Soon its the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

    In Norway, the premiere is on December 13. ;)

  9. Now creating Kylo Klaus costumes. 

  10. We are back to producing Sith Protection Bags! Reserve your spot now in 2017.

  11. Nice used shins ;-) I know where they come from :-)

    1. Darth-Marko



  12. Hello Vincent, I would like to order some ESB gloves from you.
    But I can not send you a PM because, there is a technical problem here in the forum.

    best regards



  13. Hi DarthSloan,


    I tried to PM a question to you, but there is a bunch of gibberish in the dialogue box which also prevents me from typing a message.  Anyway...what type of boots would you recommend for the DV ESB costume?

  14. Hi Enes,


    Are you taking orders for your ROTJ COD at this time? Please let me know.





    1. DarthBrooks


      I’m working on a new version of my cods at the moment. I’m not taking orders as I haven’t delivered anything in two months or so. I still need a bit more time.

    2. Zarlon


      Ok, thanks. 

  15. Trying to figure out how best to clean my paint area to ensure no debris ends up in my Vader helmet!

  16. I’ve decided I’m going to start saving for a Darth Ugly. Might take a while, but it should be one of the main pieces I need to buy.

  17. Waiting on Stuff 😔🙁😣

  18. Today the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer has arrived!

    I have chosen not to see it, because of *Spoilers ;)

  19. Probably going to stop working on my Vader for a while. Need to finish up my pilot's license and school is giving me a mental breakdown. 


    What I might do on my downtime:

    - properly smooth my dome and give it the indentation, repaint and apply correct clear coat.

    - Save on parts. 

    - Reconstruct Shins, hopefully start before the end of the year.

    1. h2o.demon


      Sorry to hear about school--I know the feeling though. Good luck!


      What do you mean by "Reconstruct Shins"? Sounds interesting? What skins do you have?

    2. ofimes2671


      My original shins are completely shattered due to improper construction and this dummy didn’t know how to scale objects in Pepakura.


      i have to rebuild mine completely, I used the PEP file from like... firefek? He has a thread with all his PEP files on the RPF.

  20. APPROVED 8/28/17!


    I am excited to announce that my application and pic submissions were approved for Sith Lord.


    My ID is SL 76227


    Thanks all for the help and guidance through the process.

    1. DarthFrazier


      Rise Lord Vader...

    2. Megtooth Sith

      Megtooth Sith

      Congratulations Texas Vader!!!!!



  21. Looking for an ESB Vader Helmet as I am FINALLY going to start putting together my Vader costume. Does anyone have a helmet for sale?

    1. Studio 49

      Studio 49

      Personally I do not but I would highly suggest posting up a thread to introduce yourself, not only will we be able to give you some tips and such about building Vader but by making that post it'll mean the Junkyard will be visible to you as you will have passed the minimum post count. Then you'll be able to browse the numerous helmets and their runs here on the forums ;) 

  22. Also - what is this - Anarchy design mantle $300 shipped, new - is this the shoulder armor with bells?  If so what size it it? Prowse or scaled? Thanks!

  23. I am interested in the Korbath shin guards $115 - I can offer $115 including shipping. I live in TX.

  24. Hello - are you still looking for a ROTS Helmet? I have a MR ROTS Ep III Limited Edition 0052 for sale.  I have not posted it here yet.




  25. Hello! Is the ANH Quasimodo helmet still available?

    1. Centurion


      Hi, the helmet is sold. Sorry for that. I have to mark this at the topic.

    2. DarthViticus


      QQ - I have a lead on another ANH Quasimodo helmet + armor. What did you think about the quality of the helmet and for trooping with it? Did you have the armor as well? Also, can you share the price range one would expect to but a helmet?


      Thanks, Robert

  26. Your saber looks outstanding!  Better than Vaders!  Did you mod it?  Nice blades, great brightness!!!!!  Looking good mate!  Just saw your troop report, also, you won the day today with those pics!  Most likes.  Congrats Sewey!  Hope you're doing well!


  27. Hello. Do you make ANH helmets? Your ESB/ROTJ helmets are superb. Thanks.

    1. Studio 49

      Studio 49

      Hey mate I see you're using the 'Write a Public Message on user feed" quite a bit :)

      While there's nothing wrong with that you would more likely to get replies if you just sent people PM's using the Personal Messenger here on the forums since more often than not people prefer to keep transactions and negations on purchases private hence using PM's. Just thought I'd mention that in case you were worried that people weren't replying to the messages you've been leaving on their profiles :y:

    2. DarthViticus


      Ha yes - I am part of several forums and this one is a little different on how to communicate with others :) I do see the "Message" which I assume is the PM so will definitely us that for price communication and more personal convos. I am very happy with the support that I have been given here and very much enjoy meeting others and sharing like interests. Thanks again.

    3. Studio 49

      Studio 49

      Not a problem mate, happy to help :y:

      And yeah the forums are a tad different since we upgraded not too long ago so no stress at all 

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