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  3. Status update was disabled by default. 

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  5. This is a great hobby.

  6. Hi guys, look for Joost Dirkx on fb or dutchdarthvader on ig. Or follow Dutch Garrison. 


  7. hi!! i have been trying to enter in endor finders to buy the coin, but i couldn't .. can you help me?

    1. brunop


      i have a login at endor finders...

  8. hello could one of the web gurus change my ID to SL19140 just got approved. thank you

  9. Requested SL-19140 access how can i confirm i have detachment forums access looking for the coin run lol

  10. Sorry to bug you - but is it possible to change my name to nictheguy (minus the k) so it matches my 501st login? Thanks so much.


  11. Hey man check your pm...

  12. Interested in the storage bags.  You still making them?

  13. Do you still have the slowed breathing loop available?

  14. Anyone need any sewing done?


  15. Esb set please 

  16. Still available for any sewing needed.  


  17. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO MY FELLOW SITH DETATCHMENT MEMBERS.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_5e3a.thumb.jpg.cccfd4559acee6804fc777e812613bf3.jpg

  18. Hello and hope to get your feedback if possible. I am working on the Emperor and so far I have the mask. I want to buy the came and found these 2 online. Which one you like better? I think #2.

  19. Pulled the belt out from cold storage. Reworking the boxes as we speak. I need a new Red LED... cuz, the references from 12 years ago were apparently wrong. (?) Still waiting for that phone call...

  20. Just got my Quasimodo and it's worth every penny!  I could tell just from picking up the box that it weighed less than my ANOVOS and I wasn't disappointed.  I can barely make it 2 hours in the ANOVOS helmet before my back began to rebel.  I'm confident I can surpass that in this helmet!  I've got 2 fans on order and I need to get a GOOD helmet bag.  Any suggestions?  Anyway, kudos to bookface.  Cheers!

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