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  3. Hey guys how do you buy helmets from jarenmcl?

    1. Mindstawm


      This thread 


  4. hello, I have not heard form you about my Cod I paid for a year ago.

  5. Thank you so much for the picture of your Maul Crimson Dawn costume. Can you send me detail pictures of the costume items. I’m starting a build but yours looks great. You can email me at jrberube61@gmail.com. 

  6. Status update: Happy to help!

  7. Hello! I saw your post about seeing RotJ cape material on the Sith Training Temple. But they are not allowing folk to register just now. Did you find out the weight of the cloth? I might make my own capeset!

  8. Hello, any news on my cod it's been since last year

  9. Hi


    my 501st profile is incorrect...my number is 19666 and I have several cleared costumes with the UKG...can this be fixed please.




  10. Are you still interested in the gloves?

  11. Hi Bookface, how do I place an order for a Darth Ugly ROTJ helmet & armour


    Your quick response would be most appreciated

    1. Night Hawk

      Night Hawk

      Hi Bookface, since Darth Ugly helmets are no longer made can I place an order for a Quasimodo ROTJ helmet + armour

  12. Great Jedi Purge #1

    Event Name: VandyCon

    Location: Vandenberg Air Force Base CA

    Date: 25 Jan 2020


    1. DarthFrazier




      Looks like you posted this inside your own profile. You might want to move it to a new thread under Detachment Programs> Jedi Purge.

  13. I have run into a problem with my build.  The Doocu boot type may be impossible for me to wear.  My left foot was damaged in an accident and the repaired foot will not fit into any kind of pull on or zippered boot.  It requires a laced up boot with lacing starting well below the ankle.  It also requires custom orthotic inserts.  Is there any way around this, or shall I look for another character?  I have completed the lightsaber hilt and cape medallions/chain (see pic).   Thanks

    Doocu items.jpg

    1. Matthew_Lingren


      Hey @Darth Vulpes. Have you gotten this question answered? If not, it may be a good idea to post it in the Darth Tyranus/Count Dooku section of the forum so one of the other Dookus can answer it.

  14. Was this yours? I have a guy from Sweden with the same pictures and what appears to be the same helmet and armor. He is selling to me. Here is the link https://www.therpf.com/forums/threads/fs-darth-vader-rotj-helmet-and-chest-armour-made-by-darth-stone.328637/


    Please let me know!



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    2. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      That's what I am hoping for. Thanks

    3. Tarnhelmet


      Did you get it? How's it looking?

    4. Darth Buzz

      Darth Buzz

      Yes. It is in great shape.

  15. If you still have and are think of selling your ROTJ, I would be interested in the helmet and chest armor.

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